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I have fallen out of the habit of arguing about the existence of a Judeo-Christian god because I think the arguments lead to no resolution more often than not.  However, I'd like to work out that relates to many of the strongest atheist/theist arguments.  The arguments in question include God's gift of Free Will, Eternal Salvation / Eternal Damnation, and the Problem of Evil.

I've had many arguments about religion, and one common point I bring up is the Problem of Evil:  "Why does God let people suffer?"  The general answer to that is that most suffering is due to God's people abusing the gift of Free Will.  Theists explain that Free Will is our greatest gift and that suffering is a necessary by-product to that.  "We wouldn't want to just be robots, right?"

Given:  Free Will is a gift of God and valuable enough to outweigh the Problem of Evil.

Another assertion of religion is that all people have the possibility of eternal salvation.  One of the great recruiting tools of religion is that the eternal part of eternal salvation.  Once your in the club, you don't have to worry anymore.  Normally these two facts, Free Will and Eternal Salvation are not placed so closely together.  I've found that comparing the two makes somewhat of a dilemma.

Given that a person is saved, he dies and goes to heaven.  Eternal Salvation says that a person is a permanent resident in heaven.  That residency becomes even more secure after the Rapture.  That leaves the following dilemma:

A)  The person might still choose to do evil and consequently go to Hell (in the fullness of eternity).
~or~ B)  In Heaven, there is no Free Will and we're all just robots.

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