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I started boarding April 2001 with a trip down to Dorfgastein, Austria.  After that, I tried some K2 boards, and I also used K2 and Burton step-ins.  The boards were fine, but I hated the step-ins.  Most people say clickers are no good for control, but worth it when you're starting because they are easy to use.  Well, I think they suck all around.  They aren't easy to use.  Half the time on the mountain is spent trying to line up to click in or fighting to chip snow out of the connections.  That sucks.

In any case, I love snowboarding, so I had to set myself up with a board.  I went to the rental place on the mountain (Kitzsteinhorn) and saw if they had anything I liked.  It was a great deal because I got to pick out some equipment that was in great shape.  I also got a great discount.  And, maybe the best thing is they let me test drive the board, boots, and bindings all day.  It's a good thing because I tried out Burton step-in bindings and decided they sucked as much as K2s.  What I ended up buying was a Burton Michi 158 with Burton Mission (Dukes of Hazzard style) Bindings and Salomon Malamute Boots.  Of all the boards I had seen online, the Michi was my favorite.  Malamute is the boot of choice for the Salomon team, so that's got to be good., and I hadn't even imagined I would find Dukes of Hazzard bindings.  That was just bonus.  I got 10% or 20% off of any other deal I could have expected.

I'm no veteran, but I wanted to keep notes on the places I've been so I can remember for the future.  Check out my reviews page if you're interested.

Again, I'm no veteran, nor an expert boarder, but I've put some things together to help me teach friends who want to learn.  You can check out my snowboard instructions if you like.