Easter Essay Contest by Hank Shiver


Use the following references from the King James Version of the Bible to describe the chronological narrative of the events from the burial of Jesus to His ascension: Matthew chapter 28, Mark chapter 16, Luke chapter 24, John chapters 20 and 21, Acts 1:3-18 and I Corinthians 15:3-8.

Please use the Book, Chapter and Verse for each event, listing the person(s) present by name(s) if given.

List the answers to the following questions:

1. What time did the women first visit the tomb?
2. Exactly who was/were the woman/women?
3. What was the purpose of the visit?
4. Was the tomb open when they, she, or he arrived?
5. Who, if anyone, was at the tomb when they arrived?
6. Where was/were the messenger(s) situated?
7. What did the messenger(s) say?
8. Where did Jesus first appear to his disciples?
9. Could Jesus be touched after the resurrection and before ascension?
10. What happened at the first appearance of Jesus, after His resurrection?
11. Where did the ascension of Jesus take place?
12. TIE BREAKERS: Re.: Matthew 27:3&6 and Acts 1:16-20
A. What did Judas do with his 30 pieces of silver?
B. Did Judas die before or after Jesus?
C. Where did Judas die?
D. How did Judas die?


1. Each event must be listed by Book, Chapter and Verse.
2. All events listed must be in sequence, with day and time of day, if possible.
3. Location of events outside of Jerusalem must include Biblical distance, if possible.
4. More than three errors or contradictions with KJV Bible will cause automatic disqualification.
5. Only one answer per question is allowed.
6. Individual replies to questions must be accompanied by a preaddressed and stamped envelope.
7. All entries must be printed or typed in English.
8. All entries will be judged by ordained ministers.
9. Contest will end at Midnight, Good(?) Friday, 2010.
10. Mail all entries to:

P.O. BOX 115
TALLADEGA, AL 36161-0115


Answer the following questions about the Son(s) of God, using the following passages from the King James Version of the Bible.

Gen. 6:2&4
Hosea 1:10
Job 1:6-8, 2:1, 38:7
II Chr. 22:10&11
Matt. 1:1-17
Luke 3:23-38
John 3:16
Deut. 23:2

1. How many men with proper names are listed as the "son of God"?
2. How many male offsprings did God have? 1, 2, 3, or more?
3. Who was Mary engaged(espoused) to when Jesus was born?
4. Can the child of unmarried parents enter the "congregation of the Lord"?
5. Who was Joseph's father, supposedly Jesus's grandfather?
6. II Chr. 22:10&11 identifies Joash as the only surviving descendent of King David. Where is he listed in the genealogy of Jesus?
7. How many generations are there between King David and Jesus?
8. Who was the first perfect man?
9. If Jesus is the son of God, how can the seed(sperm) be traced back to King David unless God is a descendant of David?
10. Judges Ch. 13. If Samson's mother was sterile, who was Samson's father?
11. How many wise men visited Jesus?
12. Which of King David's sons produced the lineage to Jesus?


1. No more than two errors or contradictions allowed.
2. All answers must be answered with applicable book, chapter and verse.
3. All answers will be evaluated by an ordained minister and a Cardinal of the Church.
4. Personal responses to missed questions must be requested and accompanied by a preaddressed envelope.
5. Contest entries must be postmarked no later than Dec. 20, 2010.


P.O. BOX 115
TALLADEGA, AL 35161-0115