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This is for you veggies out there who want to call it what it is.  You would be surprised how much the carnivores out there don't like to know what they are really eating.  You'd actually be surprised how our language is manipulated to reduce the shock of eating flesh.

Meat:  Flesh, corpse, rotting flesh, cadaver

Eggs:  Liquid Chicken

Veal:  baby cow, baby cow who was taken from his mother at birth and never saw light his whole life

Venison:  Bambi, deer, deer corpse

Pork:  Pig, Horse, Dog

Pork Chops:  Pig Butt

Milk:  Cow milk, Cow milk from continually artificially impregnated/raped cows who are genetically altered and live in pain in horrible conditions and who are ground into hamburger as soon as their useful life has ended.

Grease:  melted fat, fat

Grissle:  blood vessels, scar tissue, joints

hot dogs:  eyeballs, knuckles, hair, brains, jawbones

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